Sunday 2 April 2017

Healthy Tea? Count Me In!

Now that spring's finally here, and we've fully emerged from winter hibernation, now's the time to start reintroducing fresher and more invigorating flavours to your food and drink to really wake your tastebuds up for the new season. If builder's tea has kept you going throughout the dull weather, your body will thank you for moving away from the heavy stuff and onto lighter herbal and fruit teas instead.

Since November last year, I've been picking up the nearest thing I could find to eat for breakfast - mostly croissants, pan au chocolats, bagels - whatever I could find that I could eat in five minutes on the way to work. However, now that spring's here and the mornings are lighter, I've starting getting up twenty minutes earlier, having prepped some nutritious overnight oats, and using the extra time to indulge in a cup of Heath & Heather tea. 

If you haven't heard of Heath & Heather before, they're stocked in Holland & Barret and they have been producing herbal and infused teas since 1920. I'm currently addicted to their newly released Organic Super Teas range, which comprises five different teas:

  • Organic Energising Morning Time Tea
  • Organic Relaxing Night Time Tea
  • Organic Supportive Root Remedy Tea
  • Organic Detoxing Slim Tea
  • Organic Digestive Super Seeds Tea

What I love about these is that they all have a different purpose, for example, the Energising Morning Time Tea is perfect for waking you up when you're feeling groggy, while the Relaxing Night Time Tea is ideal for times when you need a little help settling down before bed.

I get bored drinking the same tea all the time - one day it'll be English Breakfast, the next day, Rooibus, and the next, Earl Grey - so I'm really loving this selection of teas for its variety. There's literally a tea for every working day of the week!

However, I have developed a liking for the Detoxing Slim Tea. As the name suggests, this metabolism boosting tea is ideal for assisting natural weight loss by aiding bowel movements with fibre, detoxing the gut and curbing food cravings. It tastes like a nutty green tea thanks to its infusion of green yerba mate, guarana seeds and rooibus - so if you like the sound of these ingredients, I recommend giving this tea a go!

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