Thursday 22 February 2018

Superdrug LighterLife Fast Diet Smoothies

Superdrug LighterLife Fast Diet Smoothies

If you follow me on Instagram, you'll notice that I've started really cracking down on my fitness. Prior to 2018, I hadn't even given a second thought to exercise or dieting. I refused to get a gym membership, and I hadn't even stepped foot inside one until January of this year. I used to binge on food, then go days eating miniscule amounts. And despite all this, I used to look at myself in the mirror and wonder why my hips, thighs and arms were gaining all this extra padding. All that changed when I realised that fitness wasn't just about how I looked, it was about living a positive lifestyle.

Fast forward to three months into the year, and I am so much happier than I was. I still have such a long way to go, but I'm so happy with the small amount of progress I've made so far. My body is slowly changing, I've got a much better relationship with food, and I generally feel far happier and motivated than I once did.

I work out around three to four days a week. On those days, I eat lots of greens, fruits, and plenty of water and green tea. However, on the days I'm not working out, I drink smoothies to keep the calories down, as I don't require as much energy to carry out my rest-day activities.

Superdrug LighterLife Fast Diet Smoothies

LighterLife smoothes fit into my lifestyle and diet plan really well. Each shake is 228 calories, and I take them four times a day on my two rest days to reach a calorie total of 912. Seeing as I'm mainly working on my computer all day on my rest days, this is an ideal calorie intake to fuel my activities without leaving me feeling tired.

I mix two scoops of the smoothie powder with 250ml of water in a shaker. Each smoothie is high in protein, fibre and has no added sugar - and they taste good, too. LighterLife has chocolate, vanilla and berry flavours. Chocolate is 100% my fave!

Superdrug LighterLife Fast Diet Smoothies

In between smoothies, I try to avoid caffeine or any dairy drinks. Instead, I drink water and green tea. I guess this is quite easy for me as I don't really drink coffee, and I only usually drink one or two cups of tea a day - if you're more prone to caffiene and can't go a day without your kick, try weaning yourself off over time, or drinking black coffee without sugar.

I received these smoothies from Superdrug, who very kindly sent them over to me to review. With the addition of my healthy diet and workout routine, I've noticed small changes over the month that I've been drinking them, mainly around my stomach. I'm not as bloated as I was before the New Year, which really makes a difference to my confidence.

Over the next couple of months, I'm hoping to see changes to my thighs and arms too - so I'll keep you updated as I document my progress.

Superdrug LighterLife Fast Diet Smoothies


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