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Instagram Story Templates

Instagram Story Templates by Jen Lou Meredith

If you're a regular user of Instagram Stories, then you'll have probably noticed these fun story templates popping up. They often feature cool looking fonts and aesthetically-pleasing colours, and you fill them out with things like your interests, things you've done that day, bucket lists, or even movies you've seen. You can create templates yourself (which is easy if you've got a program like Illustrator and a bit of imagination), or you can download other people's templates and use them on your own stories.

I've created a few below, which you can download for free (just save them to your phone like you would any other photo on the web). I'll update this post with more story templates, so that you have different ones to use on a regular basis!

You don't have to tag me in your stories, but I would love it if you did, as then I can see who is sharing the love!

Jen x



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