Tuesday 22 October 2019

What to listen to in autumn 2019

I got back into music this month, after a long (too long) hiatus. Being someone who mostly despised school due to personal reasons, the arts - particularly music - were my salvation. As a friend put it recently, 'the stage is its own world', and it was definitely the one I preferred to inhabit. 

I stopped performing after I graduated because a lack of confidence caused me to believe that I couldn't make anything of it. But after a conversation about my previous life, a colleague convinced me to start writing again. It was also that same colleague who booked me my first gig this week. 

It went well. Better than I expected, and better than I remembered it to be. However, after my set was over, I realised how much catching up I had to do. There's so much talent in my area - people who have been creating and performing music for years. I'm kicking myself for taking such a long break, but I guess life happens. 

As such, I've made it my mission to utilise that Spotify algorithm and listen to a wider variety of genres and artists. The motivation to write music starts with listening to music, in my opinion. 

Here's what I've been listening to in autumn 2019.

Open My Eyes: Live in Suffolk by Connor Adams

I'm gutted I missed this gig - I was in Australia at the time. Open My Eyes: Live in Suffolk is Connor Adams' first live EP, and I'm so glad I got to experience the performance through this record. 

If you haven't heard Connor's music before, this is a great way to get into it. He's a fantastic live performer, filling the venue with driving rhythms and rich melodies. On this particular occasion his band was a showstopping lineup consisting of Nic Keeble on guitar, Georgette Fawley on keys and backing vocals, Alex Lenton on Bass and Toby Houghton on drums. 

The album consists of some of my favourite tracks from the studio record, including Adventure and the title track, Open My Eyes. He's No Good is also a great addition: epic and emotional with beautiful harmonies from Georgette and a cheeky solo from Nic. A new favourite? Just maybe...

Listen on Spotify here.

Anna of the North

I can't give Spotify all the credit for my music recommendations. Anna of the North was suggested to me by one of my best friends. In real life (I know, right?).

The Norwegian singer lays out her youthful vocals over twinkly synths and late-80s drum sounds. Super Urban Outfitters, and not too dissimilar from Sigrid or Astrid S - although I'm sure that comparison has been made many times.

Listen to the playful vibe of Thank Me Later and the lavish tones of Lovers to start off with, then work from there.

Listen on Spotify here.

Die Young by Sheppard

I've listened to Sheppard since the release of Geronimo, and their music always makes me happy. That doesn't change with Die Young, which is all about enjoying life in the present moment.

It's synthy, with a funky, syncopated bass line and those epic layered chorus vocals that Sheppard use so regularly.

Sadly, as it's really, really not summer anymore, I won't be driving down the motorway with the windows down, blasting this song. Maybe it's one for my gym playlist.

Listen on Spotify here.

Make it Right by BTS (feat. Lauv)

Finally, K-pop and Lauv have come together, and the result is perfection.

I'm sad to say I only came across BTS when they collaborated with Halsey, something I'm sure their avid fans would crucify me for. But I can't listen to all the music, all the time (as much as I would like to).

Technically, this is a fairly simple song, but I like the fast tempo and the cute sample mirrored by the vocals in the bridge. Plus, the rapping in the middle 8 makes me want to learn Korean.

Listen on Spotify here.

Keep an eye out for...

A new single by Reno & Rome. From this little preview that they released on their Instagram page, I can tell I'm already going to love it. It's called Sane, and the release date is 24.10.19.

Listen to the rest of their music on Spotify here.

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