Friday 7 August 2020

A guide to picnic outfits

A guide to picnic outfits
I've had more picnics this year than I've had in my life. Is that a bad thing? In my opinion, no. To me, there's nothing bad about sitting outside in nature, soaking up the sun, the fresh air and the sound of wildlife. We've gone on and on about how we can hear the birds singing from our at-home office windows - why not get out there and enjoy their songs in an environment that doesn't involve a computer screen?

One thing that has stumped me, however, is how my pre-lockdown wardrobe was so unfit for picnics. I had rails of smart dresses on one side, and ripped jeans and band t-shirts on the other - neither of which permitted the flexibility required to sit on the ground for a picnic.

A guide to picnic outfits

Determined to get the most that I could out of summer picnic season, I decided to get my hands on some more suitable picnic attire. But what does the perfect picnic outfit consist of? In my perilous quest, I've discovered an idiot-proof recipe. Here's my checklist:

  • You must be able to sit down without cutting off circulation to any part of your body (that's kinda vital for any outfit, but you'd be surprised at what I've sacrificed)
  • You must have shoes that you can easily slip on and off (because is there anything more indulgent than the feeling of grass on bare feet? It's the only thing these days that makes me feel like a child again)
  • It should cover up a food baby
  • It should be ventilated to prevent awkwardly wet thigh sweats
With these points in mind, I've put together a picnic outfit that's totally comfortable - and stylish - for your next picnic. Thank me later...

Public Desire Kalia Nude Wide Fit Strappy Block Heel
Kalia Nude Wide Fit Strappy Block Heel, £29.99 from Public Desire

Slip these off while you're eating - they're pretty to look at when they're both on and off your feet. They also have a block heel, which will keep you stable while you're wandering across a grassy field looking for a space to plop your blanket down.

Halterneck Dress in Dark Russet, £19.99 from Zara

This dress is loose enough to keep you comfy while still looking like a chic summer midi.
Jamie Leopard Print Faux Ponyskin Belt, £16 from Fy

Add an accent to the above dress with this statement belt.

A guide to picnic outfitsA guide to picnic outfits


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