Wednesday 27 January 2021

Loungewear picks for lockdown 3.0

Loungewear lockdown 3.0

Another month, another lockdown. At this point, I'm just living in loungewear - and this makes a serious change from this time last year. I remember putting in maximum effort to get ready for my trips to the city for meetings, putting on a new dress to head out for a 'Dry January' drink with friends, and packing for a special Valentine's weekend away. So much to look forward to...

Now? I don't think I'm alone when I say that I've started to really look forward to the little things. Half by default (I'll go a bit loopy if I have absolutely nothing to excite me), and half out of genuine appreciation of life in the face of a pandemic. My morning coffee is savoured with every sip - the smell arousing me from what seems to be an endless dormancy, made worse by the fact that it's freezing outside. I've also popped on a candle or two (okay, five) because the scents remind me of the seaside, holidays and spa resorts. Usually, I wouldn't have paid much attention to these minutiae... but, as I implied, lockdown has brought it out of me.

One thing I've really started to enthuse over is the comfort and ease of loungewear. Before the pandemic, I actually couldn't stomach putting on a pair of joggers if I wasn't gymbound. Now, I practically live in loungewear (in the above image I'm wearing the Luxy Boutique Beige Ribbed Two Piece, £36.99). The thought of adjusting to wearing smart clothing again makes me sad, if I'm honest. I fully intend to luxuriate in my joggers for as long as possible (until somebody physically forces me to attend an in-person meeting).

So while we're in lockdown 3.0 and we're unsure of when it'll end, I'm sharing my favourite loungwear picks for you to enjoy. If you buy any of these, tag me in your photo on Instagram (@jenloumeredith) - maybe we can pretend like we're vegging out on the couch together while watching Bridgerton.

In The Style (Lorna Luxe) Grey 'Lola' Knitted Co-Ord Jumper, £28, and Trousers, £30

NastyGal You've Got The Love Co-Ord, £45


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