Tuesday 31 March 2020

The best white trainers to wear in 2020

White trainers - Jen Lou Meredith

If I'm ever stuck in a shoe rut, I can always find reassurance in a pair of white trainers. Heels have their place (some can pull them off casually, not me), boots mark the death of summer and other flats give me cankles, but white trainers just manage to drag my outfit from the edge of a cliff and back into the streets of street style.

The downside is, of course, the colour. White isn't white after it has been worn. You could be really meticulous and clean any dirt off your white trainers after each wear - but, then, are pure white trainers actually cool? It might actually up your style stakes if your white trainers look like they've been a little worn in. After all 'coolness' and 'aloofness' go hand in hand, and not cleaning your trainers sounds pretty aloof to me. Try it. If your 15 year old cousin gives you a compliment, then you've succeeded.

For trainers to dirty up, see the list below. You could also ignore my advice and clean those trainers like there's no tomorrow - your style is up to you.


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