Monday 6 April 2020

Søndagshygge | How to enjoy a cosy Sunday morning

I can't thank the Danish enough for creating the wonderful concept of hygge. If you didn't know what hygge is already, it's a feeling of contentment, cosiness and comfort from simple pleasures, such as the smell of coffee or lighting a fire on a winter's day. Hygge is different for everyone, which is what makes it extra special.

For me, hygge can even be experienced in the summer - I used to go on morning runs and finish off at the local cafe with a warm drink and a pastry to takeaway (counterproductive, I know, but it didn't feel right starting a summer Monday without this ritual!). I'd sit in the morning glow in my lounge, enjoying my small purchase and the sound of birds, and I would feel so at ease. I feel a sense of hygge just thinking about it now!

The Danish have gone one step further, however, and identified a very special type of hygge. According to That Sunday Feeling, søndagshygge is hygge that is experienced on a Sunday, which means it has a certain ephemerality to it - you have to savour it before Monday comes around again and that cosy feeling is lost.

Søndagshygge could be those slow Sunday mornings spent in bed, or a delicious freshly cooked brunch at mid-morning, or maybe a cosy afternoon spent underneath a blanket watching a film. Whatever it is for you, I have a few favourite products listed below to help you enjoy it:

Scenery by Emily King

Could this be the perfect Sunday morning listening? Mixed by Tom Elmhirst, who has worked with Adele, Amy Winehouse and David Bowie, Scenery is a beautiful modern soul album with dreamy vibes and rich vocals. Get it on vinyl, even if it's just for the album art.

Buy it here from Amazon on vinyl for £23.43.

Kiehl's Avocado Nourishing Hydration Mask

I love face masks, but with how busy I am, it's rare that I ever get to use them. However, on a Sunday, if I get a break from work for an hour or so, I'll really indulge myself by taking proper care of my skin. It makes a huge different and really boosts my self-confidence for the week.

This face mask from Kiehl's is great for all skin types, but especially dry skin (which is what I have).

Buy it here on Escentual for £36.

Paperchase Riviera Scrapbook

Some people love to laze around on a Sunday and let their minds rest. Some people like to do something that gets their creative juices flowing. Both are perfectly fine, but I'm the latter. If I get time, I love settling down with some really casual doodling or watercolour, or a scrapbook. 

This scrapbook from Paperchase brings a touch of happy orange and yellow tones to your Sunday. It also includes storage pockets for any bits and bobs that you'd prefer not to stick down.

Buy it here at Paperchase for £12.

Sara Miller Portmeirion Chelsea Mug

I get a real feeling of hygge from making fresh coffee. I usually get beans from Union Hand-Roasted Coffee, grind these in an electric herb grinder and then use a French press to filter it.

The mug is the final touch. This one by Sara Miller is beautiful to look at, and it's made from fine China with gold detailing for a luxurious touch.

Buy it here from Amazon for £13.29.

Missguided Tracksuit Set

I'll admit, I never used to like lounging around in a tracksuit on the weekend. I would always get dressed up in case I would have to go out. But now, I love putting comfort first.

This Missguided tracksuit set is ideal for wearing around the house on a Sunday.

Buy it here on Missguided for £34.

Avoca Herringbone Throw

I probably have about a dozen blankets in my home, but I could always do with more. I love having them to hand when it gets cold - plus, they can add softness to your decor along with cushions and other soft furnishings.

This herringbone throw comes in two colours, and is made in Ireland.

Buy it here from John Lewis for £120.


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