Thursday 15 October 2020

How to Create an Ultra-Stylish Loft Apartment Look

Loft decor

Many people want to try to create a stylish look to their home, often one which does not break the bank. I've already examined ‘How to Decorate Like a Kardashian on the Cheap’, but what if your tastes are a little less opulent and a little more urban and modern?

Stylish loft apartments are incredibly trendy, with great use of open spaces and often boasting stunning views of the streets below. They feature in some iconic movies and TV shows and that may leave you wanting to create something similar for yourself in your apartment or home.

So we have put together some style pointers that will help you achieve that contemporary urban loft look for yourself at home.


One key feature of urban design is the theme of industry. Living Etc explains how the overall aesthetic developed in the abandoned buildings of New York, Berlin and London in the 20th Century. Try to ensure you have one exposed brick wall; many loft apartments have that as a key feature harking back to a building’s industrial past. Whilst you do not want your apartment to feel cold and unwelcoming, one important aspect of urban style is natural materials and colours.

Try to use metals where possible, too. Exposed pipework for your plumbing can help accentuate the industrial elements of your room, as can old-style radiators which have been restored. Do be aware however, that if you make significant changes to your plumbing system it is advisable to protect it afterwards, especially if your apartment is a genuine conversion adding appliances to an older system. HomeServe outline how boiler cover can comprehensively protect not only your heating system but also wider plumbing in the home. It is vital if you have done an expensive and stylish remodel, to protect you from possible problems and financial implications further down the line. As the last thing you want is all your hard work going down the drain.

Open Plan

A key component of an urban loft space is having open spaces, which is something you must look to incorporate. It is not impossible to get the look in smaller rooms, but if there is scope to utilise a wide-open space, then do so. If your budget allows, maybe speak to someone about taking a wall down between rooms, but similar to the plumbing do ensure you take precautions and research your tradesperson carefully.

If you do not have space, nor the expansive budget, then clever furniture positioning can help create the illusion of an open plan space. Work with the space you have, leaving as much open as possible to help make the room feel more expansive and fresher. If you really are starting afresh, try to find a building with conversion potential, such as this former mill in Manchester. A building needing renovating will offer you a blank canvass and far more scope to be creative, but it also means you need a decent budget.

Whatever property you have though, it is possible to create an urban loft feel with simple some simple tricks.


There are three vital words when it comes to windows in your apartment: do not cover. Do not be tempted to put up drapes or blinds, as that takes away the urban loft feel. In the day, you want as much light as possible to flow into your open space, but by night one of the traits of an urban loft are the views of the city. You may not be on the 27th floor, but it is still important to have the world outside feel as though it is inside. Lights from traffic and other buildings help remind you that your space is fully urban, a functioning part of a vibrant city.

Mix and Match

Urban loft apartments are perfect for those with an eclectic taste in furnishings because they often boast mixed styles and pieces from different design periods. Do not be tempted to make your furniture uniform and typical of a single style, instead mix and match. Be creative, use your imagination and make sure the pieces you choose speak to you, rather than trying too hard to fit a single design ethos.

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