Friday 23 June 2023

Modernising Your Home in 4 Basic (and Effective) Ways

The road to your dream home seldom runs smoothly. It's far-fetched to find our perfect home that is purpose-built for us. There's always going to be little changes that we would like to make, but of course these days, these changes can be quite expensive. This is why if you want to modernise your home in simple, effective, and ultimately cheaper ways, you can do some of the following...

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Swap Out Those Old Curtains

Old and tired curtains instantly make a room look old and tired. Swapping them out for bespoke shutters can instantly modernise the space but there's also benefits to having shutters or blinds instead of curtains. They don't trap dust like curtains do, which is invaluable if you have a house that's potentially full of allergens. On the topic of allergens, we could also get rid of any carpet and swap it with modern flooring. While this is a costly option, there are things you can do to do it for cheap. For example, if you have been lusting after click-together flooring, you should always wait until the off-peak season to buy when there are sales, and of course, those wonderful bank holidays when the vast majority of flooring suppliers will hold some sort of sale.

Update Your Furniture

Lots of people want to upgrade their property by getting brand new furniture, but if this is not an option, you can give your furniture a makeover with some new fabric or paint or just some different accessories. For example, if you've got wooden chairs, painting them a different colour or covering your sofa with a new slipcover and adding some cushions and throws to the beds around the house will instantly upgrade those styles and textures, resulting in a more eclectic look.

Change the Lighting

If you are on the hunt for ways to create a different feel, lighting is something that so many home improvement articles talk about, and for good reason! When you make a change to the environment, either by investing in a dimmer switch to brighten or dull the look, you will instantly change how the place feels. You might not think that there's a place for less light, but if you want to create more intimacy in a cosy environment like your kitchen or a more cheerful environment for friends and family, a dimmer switch is the best investment anyone can make. You can also swap out any old lamps with LED bulbs, and as these are more energy-efficient and last longer, it's a nice money-saving investment that can do a lot for the overall feel of the space.


It's something that we hear so much about, but decluttering is not just a great tool for your space, but it's also a great tool for your mindset. When you have less clutter and more space, it will instantly make your home feel more inviting, more spacious, and more modern.

Modernising your home doesn't have to be complex, and it doesn't have to cost the Earth. Hopefully, some of these methods can point you in the right direction and inspire you to make upgrades all across your property.


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