Friday 6 January 2017

Fashion For Lunch talks Instagram, Chanel & bright colours

Images via @labelsforlunch

London-based blogger @labelsforlunch (otherwise known as Fashion For Lunch) began Instagramming in October 2012, when her detail-shots of pretty vintage finds, sparkly nail polish and colourful foods attracted followers in droves. Now, at just over 40,900 dedicated fans, this self-confessed colour addict gives us the scoop on fashion, photography and following her wanderlust across the world in 2017.

Your Instagram profile is full of vibrant, enchanting clothes and accessories, but what would you say is your most prized fashion find?

Ohhhh probably my Chanel items. Many of them are gifts from my fiancĂ© and they are all items I dreamed of owning when I was younger. I love wearing them and they feel really special and important. I also have some really special vintage dresses which I loved wearing when I was at uni! I can’t get rid of them even though I will probably never wear them again!

There’s never a dull image on your feed – was colour something you set out to focus on from the very beginning? Or did your aesthetic progress as you went along?

I think it’s gotten more colourful as time has gone on, especially as I learnt to use a camera and whatnot! Also, I moved house; my last flat was dark and dingy (a rental in East London) and now I have bigger rooms with more light and the freedom to decorate, which has really let me have fun with colour!

You don’t feature in many of your photos. Do you prefer to stay behind the lens?

Yes, for some reason I feature myself on my blog more. I feel more exposed on Instagram; I’m always afraid I’m going to get trolled or something silly! I occasionally put details shots in which include my arm, legs, hand, etc. There’s something about putting myself on Instagram which just makes me feel somewhere between self-conscious and self-obsessed!

In your opinion, what makes a ‘good’ Instagram feed?

For me, I always look for accounts which are really fun and playful or really cool. I like seeing new things, new angles, new trends, new brands… But I also just love really pretty pictures! I follow some accounts which are really brown and natural, and others which are pumped-up accounts filled with bright-coloured everything. It’s nice to follow a mix as long as it’s stimulating and beautiful.

You’ve got a huge fan base of fellow colour addicts; what can they expect to see from you in 2017?

Hopefully planning some trips to some really cool corners of the world! Doing interior design in my house so lots more fun to be had there (I painted my front door pink recently and gave it a ‘there’s no place like home…’ lettering on it) – so more like that! Hopefully just keeping things improving and keep having fun! I always share loads of content on my blog and Twitter too so it’s always worth popping by there for more info and images!


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