Tuesday 24 January 2017

Using Sunglasses As My Shield


I'm insecure about a lot of things: how big my thighs are, how short I am, how much I slouch without realising. Sometimes, I get so upset about my insecurities, that I'd rather stay inside than go out.

You might be thinking, 'well, hold on, you're a blogger. If you're so insecure, why do you post photos of yourself on your blog?'

I can easily answer that. Posing for a photo is not the same as being yourself in public. Images are composed, carefully constructed, shot and then re-shot until the perfect picture comes to life. It's the other bit that I'm afraid of. Being myself.

I know I get judged. I was once going up an escalator in a shopping centre when I heard a girl behind me say to her friend, 'oh my God, she should not be wearing that skirt'. It hurts, and so logically I feel more comfortable when I'm in my own home by myself without anyone to judge me.

But I can't live like that forever. It's antisocial, it's boring and it's a fast way to worsen your mental health. So I decided to create my own 'shield' in the form of sunglasses.

I know, it's kind of like giving your kid a magic blanket when they go to their doctor to protect them. For me, wearing sunglasses makes me feel protected from insecurity (or more so, anyway). How? Sunnies have this 'I can see you, but you can't see me' mechanism. It makes me feel like there are less eyes on me, and thus I can feel less insecure. 

When it comes to sunglasses, it's 'the bigger, the better'. I love the circular ones because they can look super vintage-Chanel, and nothing can beat a good cat-eye when I'm in the mood. Plus, it's such an easy way to experiment with colour, pattern and texture - think marble, leopard print, stripes and metallics. Sunglasses are the introvert's perfect extrovert accessory. And the perfect shield for those of who are a little bit insecure.

As silly as it may seem to some, we all have these little ways of coping with our anxieties. What are your methods?

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