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Christmas Day Outfit Idea

Christmas Day Outfit Ideas 2017

With temperatures dropping and Storm Caroline wreaking havoc throughout the UK, I'm sure a lot of us have firmly packed away any trace of summer clothing and begun swathing ourselves in various incarnations of the chunky knit, fulfilling our collective need for that hygge sensation. I'm one of those weird people that kind of likes this weather; I'm definitely not a warm-weather person. I live for cosy outerwear in soft fabrics and dark colours - and deciding what to wear on Christmas day (my favourite day of the year) is one of my guilty pleasures.

Christmas Day Outfit Ideas 2017

Comfort is always a priority on Christmas Day - it's a day for relaxing, which you can't really do in a smart or formal outfit. I like to wear clothing that is warm and easy to move around in, so that means avoiding tight jeans and definitely no heels (I save that for Christmas Eve and New Year).

However, although comfort is important, I like to stay fashionable - even if I'm just at home with the family. Call it high maintenance, but when I'm looking back at photos in twenty years' time, I don't want to think, 'God, what was I wearing?' I kind of like the idea of my future children enthusing about how fashionable I was.

Christmas Day Outfit Ideas 2017

To fit both of these criteria, I've decided that jumper dresses are my go-to Christmas outfit. No faffing around with pairing a top to a bottom - your look is already completed in one piece. You can find these lovely garments in a wonderful range of winter colours (seeing as they're generally quite out of place in a summer wardrobe), and this Tobi jumper dress* is ideal for me. It's a gorgeous red wine shade which goes well with black, or you can add even more colour with a festive emerald green.

Christmas Day Outfit Ideas 2017

I'm wearing mine with an H&M coat (similar here) and bag (similar here), as well as some cosy knee-high boots - and, obviously, tights are a must. I've read recently that you can get cystitis from being too cold, so I'm wholeheartedly valuing my feminine health here.

I love wearing my hair down and curled during this time of year. In the summer, the curls in my hair drop almost immediately due to the humidity, so I like to take advantage in winter. Plus, I've just had my hair dyed back to a very dark brown from its previous green state, so it's looking far healthier and shinier!

Christmas Day Outfit Ideas 2017

Christmas Day Outfit Ideas 2017
* Gifted for review

What do you think about this outfit? How do you like to dress on Christmas Day?
Want more? Read my last winter fashion post which includes another beautiful piece from Tobi!



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