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Christmas Eve Party Outfit Idea

Christmas Eve Party Outfit Idea

Christmas Eve is so exciting: the festive atmosphere, the fact that most of us [not me unfortunately] don't have to think about work for the next two days, the anticipation of a lovely day of relaxation and food (emphasis on the food) igniting the air. Sometimes Christmas Eve can be more exciting than Christmas Day itself. So what could make it even more special? Dressing up, of course (hey, you came to this blog for fashion, right?)

I was gifted this very pretty Tobi velvet romper which comes in black and features a raised red velvet floral pattern. This colour palette is perfect for a winter night out! On the website, the model is wearing just the jumpsuit and some strappy heels, however since it's SO COLD here I've paired mine with a black, long sleeve turtle neck top worn underneath the romper, plus some tights and some red suedette block-heel shoes from New Look which are out of shot. You can find similar ones here, but you could also Dorothy this outfit up with some glittery red heels - because Christmas.

Christmas Eve Party Outfit Idea

Guys, I can't stress this enough. I'm indoors in these shots but please wear a coat when you go out. I know it's annoying to carry it about when you go into a bar or club but just take a pound for the coat-check service and store it there - you'll thank yourself later.

If you are looking for coats, there are so many great options available right now. Monki has some nice oversized pieces if you really value your warmth, but if you're keen for your coat to match your look, try River Island, Zara or go for another piece from Tobi.

Christmas Eve Party Outfit Idea

I've also belted this romper at the waist with a spare black and gold belt I had lying around. I felt that this needed cinching in a little, as my hips are on the larger side in proportion to the rest of my body and so rompers tend to look a little block-like on me.

Otherwise, the fit is great. I'm a size 8 and I picked a size Small, which I would say is great for a size 8 up to a 10. When you take it out of the packet, it does look a little small, but there is actually quite a lot of room as the waist is quite stretchy.

Christmas Eve Party Outfit Idea
This cup is not full of gin
What do you think about this outfit? How do you like to dress on Christmas Eve?
Want more? Read my last Christmas Day Fashion post with another beautiful piece from Tobi!



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