You may know me from a small fashion blog called Art Style Love, which I launched at university in 2013 as a platform for my love of art and fashion; however, since I've developed my interest in fashion more so than my interest in art, I felt that the name of the blog did not reflect my passion correctly - thus Jen Lou Meredith was born on 12th June 2016.

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I began blogging at the beginning of 2013, and since, my passion for writing, fashion, beauty and lifestyle has grown with me. I focus on crafting interesting and exciting posts for my subscribers to enjoy and respond to, as well as portraying a creative but professional image not only on this blog, but also on several social media platforms including Twitter, Instagram and YouTube.

By day, I am a beauty and fashion journalist with an adoration of pretty things and a penchant for a good pun; by night, I write for Jen Lou Meredith about pretty things with good(ish) puns. Great combo, eh? I'm also a vegetarian and advocate of animal rights, which means that I will not feature any meat products or fur/animal skin on this blog.


This is a very PR-friendly blog - I work closely with various brands to support and promote products in the areas of fashion, beauty, food and lifestyle.

If you are interested in collaborating with Jen Lou Meredith, please email me at with any proposals or enquiries.


As with any profitable blog, I am open to the prospect of sponsored posts and am willing to work closely with various brands, providing that they comply with the aesthetic and theme of my blog. These types of posts will be marked in compliance with current laws.

I charge a flat rate for each sponsored post, available on request. Payment details will be made available via invoice once the post has been published.


I will happily review any items that are sent to me on the basis that they are relevant and fit in with the theme of Jen Lou Meredith.

For beauty products, I will produce detailed photographs alongside a written review - these reviews will usually be live within 7 working days of receiving an item (skincare products may take longer as I like to test them thoroughly before offering an opinion).

Fashion-related items such as clothing or accessories will feature in an outfit post with links back to the item and the retail site. I will additionally feature the item in a haul video on YouTube.

I will always promote any collaborations on social media platforms Twitter and Instagram, and these promotions will include links back to the company in question.

I reserve the right to give an honest opinion, or decline if I do not feel that the product is right for my readers.


I usually run giveaways each time that I reach a milestone in followers e.g. every 100 followers.
However, if you're interested in collaborating via a sponsored giveaway, please email me, as I am always interested in interacting with my readers in this way!


If you're a blogger looking for a form of collaboration e.g. a guest post, I welcome any blogger who shares a similar interest in art, fashion, beauty or lifestyle! Don't be afraid to pop an email in my inbox and I'll reply as soon as I can - I'm very friendly!


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