Jen Lou Meredith - Content and Copy Writer. Image by Mikaela Jade.

Jen Lou Meredith - Content and Copy Writer. Image by Mikaela Jade.

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Image by Mikaela Jade.

As a writer with over 10 years' professional experience, I can help you convey your business' message to your audience in a way that is simple and digestible, while being informative and engaging.

I began my career as a journalist, first as a freelance writer for local magazines while studying for my degree in English, then, after graduating with honours, I became a full-time editorial assistant at a luxury lifestyle magazine, before progressing to content writer, then deputy editor at a national hair and beauty title.

Following this, I decided to take the path to become a full-time freelance writer. Since 2017, I have worked with independent businesses, agencies and influencers to create content that captivates their audiences.

Why employ me and not ChatGPT?

I believe we have a moral obligation to keep a human element to business. Your audience is human, so what better way to connect with them than with a human writer? I can write (good) humour; I can make obscure references to nineties pop culture; I can talk about an experience or product in a way that elicits a visceral response from the reader, allowing them to connect with your brand in a way that can't yet be facilitated by AI.

I'm also a brand geek. This means that, when we work together, I become a fan of your brand. From the ins and outs of your audience, tone, style, genre, to graphic elements such as the use of imagery, typography and colour palette, I commit to understanding your branding just as well as you do. This helps me tailor my writing style to fit your business.


I have worked with a number of different content management systems in a range of formats. The CMSs I have experience with include Wordpress, Blogger, Webflow and Squarespace. I also have experience with Substack, Mailchimp, Shopify, Podio, Trello, Later, and a range of other platforms. I can also learn new software quickly, and adapt to your business' needs.

I have experience writing B2C as well as B2B, in the sectors of: fashion, beauty, lifestyle, travel, pet care, horticulture, psychology, gynaecology, rheumatology, recruitment and human resources.

If you have any questions, please contact me at

I hope we can work together!


Thursday 7 December 2023

Why You Should Start Making Your Home’s Exterior More Unique

When a house looks unique, it immediately captures attention. When was the last time you saw a house that was pink? Blue? What about red? Chances are, you can remember because it’s so unique. But what about the last time you saw a white house or a brick house? Well, nothing specific will most likely stick out since they’re so common. But with that said, have you ever considered making your house more unique? 

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Not the inside, since passersby usually can’t see that, but specifically the outside for anyone and everyone to see. Well, when it comes to your house, even the outside, you should never feel like there needs to be a limit. It's your home, and you should make it look however you want. So, with that said, here’s exactly why you should make your home's exterior more unique! 

It Gives You the Chance to Express Your Individuality 

When it comes to curb appeal, you really don’t need to make your house look exactly the same as all the other houses next door. In fact, why would you want it to look cookie cutter? As you already know, your home's exterior is the first impression visitors and passersby have of your residence. Do you really want to give off the idea you’re boring? 

In general, creating a unique exterior allows you to express your individuality and stand out in the neighbourhood. Whether through distinctive architectural elements, vibrant colors, or creative landscaping, your home becomes a statement piece that reflects your personality and taste- seriously show off who you are! You shouldn’t have to let your personality flourish behind closed doors!

Sense of Belonging

You want to feel at home at your house, and reflecting on who you are is truly the best way to do that. Whenever you’re personalising the exterior to align with your preferences, it becomes a place that truly feels like yours. 

Potential Boost in Curb Appeal

Alright, so this one kind of depends. To a degree, there can be some potential that you can boost the curb appeal by showing off your personality. It’s really going to depend on the coordination itself, the neighbourhood, and what exactly you plan on doing. For example, if you live in a cookie-cutter neighbourhood and you want to switch out your garage doors, than that can be a good thing. 

But if all of the houses are white on the street and you paint your house a neon green, than that’s going to destoy the potential for curb appeal. So, there needs to be some balance, and you don’t want your house to stick out like a sore thumb, either. 

It Inspires Creativity

Generally speaking, thinking outside the box when it comes to your home's exterior usually encourages creativity and innovation. It opens the door to unconventional design choices, unique landscaping ideas, and the integration of sustainable and eco-friendly elements. Honestly, embracing uniqueness fosters a spirit of creativity that can extend to other aspects of your life, which is beautiful! 


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