Friday 17 June 2016

Semilac UV Hybrid Gel Nail Polish

Semilac UV Hybrid by Jen Lou Meredith

You might have seen Semilac's UV Hybrid lacquers in gel nail reviews and how-to videos the internet-over, but get ready to see a lot more of this product, as Amy Childs has just become the new face of the brand in the UK.

Semilac has dominated the Polish market since its conception in 2012 - and it's easy to see why. Its quick setting and easy-to-use formula is incredibly popular with both salon professionals and at-home beauty fans; plus, its affordable polishes come in a huge range of colours, from monochromes to metallics. However, Semilac's partnership with TOWIE star Amy Childs is sure to make British beauty experts and enthusiasts more aware of the brand and its extremely high quality products.

Semilac UV Hybrid by Jen Lou Meredith

I tested out Semilac's UV Hybrid in 049 True Pink* and 138 Perfect Nude*. Semilac has so many different shades of pink, and the True Pink shade is a very bright, Malibu Barbie-style colour; Perfect Nude is as it says on the bottle - the perfect shade of nude (for my skin tone, anyway). 

Application was ridiculously easy - all I needed was patience and a steady hand, as with any nail polish, gel or not. See below for a super easy walkthrough:


 1. Shape the nail as desired, then clean any oils away with a clean piece of cotton wool and nail polish remover.

2. Apply Base for UV Hybrid to bare nail in a very thin layer. Cure for 30 seconds underneath a UV lamp. Make sure you apply all layers in an even coat across the whole nail so that the layers don't lift or chip.

3. Apply one thin coat of your chosen Semilac UV Hybrid colour, cure, then apply another thin coat and cure again.

4. Apply a thin coat of Top for UV Hybrid. Do a final cure for 30 seconds.

5. Get a clean piece of cotton wool and some isopropyl alchocol (if you don't have this, which many people may not, straight vodka works fine), and gently stroke the cotton wool across the nail from cuticle to tip to get rid of the tacky layer. Your nails will last around a week or two if you've followed this technique and depending on how much you're using your hands.

6. To remove the polish, soak cotton wool in nail polish remover, place over the nail and wrap your finger in a foil strip. Wait around 10 minutes and slide the polish off your nail using the cotton wool.

See what Semilac's up to on their social media channels:

*Gifted for review

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