Monday 25 September 2023

How to Stretch Your Summer Wardrobe to Fall

When summer comes to and end, and the weather starts to get chilly and grey, many of us will pack all of our warm-weather clothing away and bring out our fall wardrobe. Well, this might not be as totally necessary as we have come to think! With a few ingenious hacks, it is totally possible to stretch much of your summer wardrobe to fall, so you can get more wear out of those clothes you love so much. Read on to find out more…

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1. Master the Art of Layering

One of the simplest ways to carry your summer wardrobe into fall is by mastering the art of layering. Simply throw a cosy cardigan or a tailored blazer over a summery dress to add warmth and style and will effortlessly become an autumnal outfit. Or, why not wear your breezy summer tops over long-sleeved shirts for a chic and comfortable look? This not only maximises your wardrobe but also creates a multitude of new outfit options.

2. Tights and Leggings Are Your Best Friend

If you really want to be able to wear those delicate summer outfits in the fall season, then there are a couple of things you need in your wardrobe namely tights and leggings. The beauty of tights and leggings is that they come in just about every colour imaginable, so you can easily find a pair that will match with your ditsy print maxi dress or your favorite summer denim shorts, and of course, they will add tons of warmth toy oru leg area so you can keep wearing them long after the sunshine has disappeared.

3. Add Some Autumnal Accessories

Accessories are a cost-effective way to adapt your summer wardrobe to the new season, so as long as you invest in a few key pieces, you should be able to keep rocking those summer fits right up until Thanksgiving. For example, swap out light, summery scarves for thicker, knitted options, or replace beachy straw bags with leather or suede totes. Introducing fall colours, like deep reds, oranges, and browns, through your accessories can also give a warm autumn feel to your outfit that will ensure it works.

4. Repurpose Your Sandals

Now, you might be thinking that your summer sandals are the one thing that you cannot keep wearing once winter comes around, but you would be dead wrong, it is totally possible to wear this delicate footwear right up until winter as long as you do it right. That means pairing your women’s sandals with stylish socks or tights to keep your toes warm, which you might think is a pretty bold and risky move, but that is exactly why it can work! Choose colours that complement your outfit or add an interesting pattern, and wear them with bold confidence and you’ll be as cool and quirky as you like.

5. Incorporate Heavy Fabrics

Mix and match summer clothes with heavier fall fabrics. Combine a silky summer dress with a chunky knit sweater or a light blouse with heavy pants. This contrast not only is visually interesting but also provides the necessary warmth as temperatures drop.

Have a fashionable fall!


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