Wednesday 24 August 2016

Beautiful Brows

We live in a world divided in two: good eyebrows and bad eyebrows. A good eyebrow, obviously, suits the wearer in colour and shape, framing the face and completing a look. A bad eyebrow, well - let's say that people have the right to their own opinions, but most of us can accept that a bad eyebrow is one that stands out from the rest of the features, but not in a good way. Perhaps it's the wrong shade, or perhaps it's far too bold. Either way, eyebrows can make or break a makeup look.

Thanks to celebrity makeup artists and their famous clients, the eyebrow has come to the forefront of beauty. Some of us are still carrying the remnants or the 90s waif of a brow, with our hairs overplucked to within an inch of their lives; whilst some of us have embraced a naturally full brow, perhaps laughing in the faces of those who bullied them in high school for this very reason *sticks hand up*. Regardless, a lot of us covet that perfectly fierce eyebrow look that we see so much on Instagram and E!, that the average British woman is now spending around £200 a year on brow products. It doesn't seem like much, but think about how many eyebrow pencils that could buy you!

Luckily, our favourite beauty brands have got smart and released brow 'kits' - the all-in-one face saviors that can be applied at home and taken on the go for touch ups. For example, Benefit has just this year launched a whole host of brow products aimed at making the idea of taming, shaping and defining eyebrows an approachable concept - even for the most makeup impaired of us.

One of my favourite kits at the moment is the Beautiful Brows Kit - a sleek, sturdy compact containing brow powder, highlighter, brushes, tweezers and stencils. It's so handy, that it has now become the UK's number one best selling refillable brow kit. Yes, refillable - so instead of buying the whole kit again, you can just purchase the powders and save yourself a wad of cash.

Open the shiny, white, rectangular compact and you'll find a brow powder that has been talked about across social media. It comes in five shades, and is the perfect consistency for creating even eyebrows in a style that suits the wearer. It's smudge proof, sweat proof, water resistant and long lasting (with the website claiming that it will stay put for 24 hours). I love using this powder, as it's not too loose, but I'm still able to create my signature bold look with a few strokes.

The highlighter isn't crazily luminescent; however, it is great for producing a soft contrast, and I like that it comes in its own separate pan and case, so that the powders don't mix.

The brushes are a bit of a waste of time if you want to go for a defined look. They're more suited to applying the product first, then you can go ahead and shape using your favourite angled brush.

I also don't tend to use the stencils, as I've always felt that these are more hassle than they're worth. I go by my own perceptions. The decently-sized, clear mirror is ideal for this.

If I were to improve this kit, I would definitely include a spoolie brush for combing out hairs, rather than the hard metal comb on the tweezers, and I would shape the brushes so that they're much thinner. Other than that, I love the formula of the brow powder and I would happily repurchase this by itself.


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