Sunday 28 August 2016

7 Totally Underrated Ikea Products

IKEA 365+ VÄRDEFULL Grater IKEA Grates effectively in both directions. Different sides for coarse or fine grating.


This grater grates, zests, and collects everything in a neat, easy to clean plastic dish, so no need to grate onto a plate

PLASTIS Dish-washing brush IKEA Sticks to sinks, tiles etc., thanks to the suction cup.

2. PLASTIS Dish-washing Brush

At 90p, this brush will clean your dishes AND stand up by itself with a silicone sucker, taking up practically zero surface space

STENSTORP Kitchen trolley IKEA Gives you extra storage, utility and work space.

3. STENSTORP Kitchen Trolley

Got a small kitchen? Same. This trolley is sturdy, and creates valuable extra storage and preparation space. No need to get an extension... for the time being, at least

SLÄT Egg slicer IKEA The egg slicer is easy to clean as the steel frame is removable.

4. SLÄT Egg Slicer

Lunch making will never be the same with this handy egg slicer - use it for avocados if you're that way inclined ;)
KVISSLE Cable management box IKEA Charge your mobile and MP3 player and hide the charger and extension lead under the lid.

5. KVISSLE Cable Management Box

Nobody likes messy cables, so tidy yours up with this cable management box. Blogger points: spray paint the top silver, and cover the bottom part in marble contact paper.

BESTÅENDE Detergent dispenser IKEA Helps you organise detergent or soap at the sink bowl, so you always have it close at hand when needed.

6. BESTÅENDE Detergent Dispenser

Don't like those mismatching, out of place Fairy liquid bottles? Decant said liquid into a simple glass dispenser and reuse again and again
TEJN Rug IKEA The rug is super soft, warm and cosy. Ideal on the floor or draped across your favourite armchair.

7. TEJN Rug

It may not be as fluffy as its older sister, SKOLD, but this rug is great for nonchalantly draping over your desk chair for extra warmth

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